Joanna Q Hudson, PharmD, BCPS, FASN, FCCP, FNKF
AKHOMM Council Lead
Professor, University of Tennessee (UT) Health Science Center

Dr. Hudson is a tenured Professor in the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Translational Science and the Department of Medicine (Division of Nephrology) at the University of Tennessee (UT) Health Science Center and a Clinical Pharmacist specializing in nephrology at Methodist Hospital in Memphis, TN. Prior to joining the faculty at UT, she completed a 2-year Nephrology fellowship at Virginia Commonwealth University-Medical College of Virginia. Her clinical practice is focused on the management of patients with both acute and chronic kidney disease through her activities at Methodist and the outpatient dialysis centers. Dr. Hudson currently serves as residency program director for the ASHP-accredited PGY2 internal medicine residency. Her teaching and research interests focus on drug disposition in individuals with chronic kidney disease and during renal replacement therapy. She has been recognized as a Fellow of the American Society of Nephrology, the American College of Clinical Pharmacy and the National Kidney Foundation.

Presenting modules:

This is an important topic for pharmacists and health care providers who see people with kidney disease. This module will cover the evaluation of kidney function part 2, focusing on the application of the race-less eGFR equation to stage Chronic Kidney Disease, evaluate when evidence-based medication therapy is warranted and determine a drug dosing regimen. It is recommended to review Evaluation of Kidney Function – Part 1: Use of Race-Less eGFR before taking this module.